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Goli is an online game website hosting only .io games.
we have the best io games list in the web, you can find top io games in goli games io
You can find all the top io game on the internet, the most popular games that use the dot io domain. Goli has games like:
agar.io,slither.io, wings.io, vertix.io, vanar.io, supersnake.io, wormax.io, wilds.io, zlap.io,
gota.io, wormate.io, orpe.io and much more.
goli.io has the list of all the io games on the web in one site!
The use of the .io domain for the.io games is because the meaning of the word io is input/output.
All io games are multiple player games, and have the same basic rules, be fast,
have good strategy and tactics and win all the rest of the players to reach first place.
So just pick one of our free io games online and start to play with other players from all over the world